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Your 7-step project

Discover our working method, these steps are essential to the realization of your project.


First appointment with an interior designer:

Our team of interior designers and designers welcomes you for a first meeting in our showroom of more than 500 square meters located in Waterloo in Belgium. During this appointment, your dedicated interior designer accompanies you to guide you and offer you several possibilities of fittings, materials used, finishes and techniques to make the best possible results of your project. Our architect, who will be your sole contact, will be based on your plan or a sketch of your space to be arranged that you have provided us and ideally accompanied by photos. Every detail and every desire will be taken into account to guarantee you a personalized and exclusive project.


Developing a free encrypted quote:

After a complete analysis of your needs and desires, a first encrypted quote will be presented to you (accompanied by first sketches) to see if the quote corresponds to your budget.
If this is the case, our architect will design your plans and deepen the project.


Developing plans and drawings:

When the quote is accepted, the architect accompanying you will create the realistic 3D drawings and plans of your project taking into account each of your requests and requirements.
The modeling of your kitchen in 3D will help you to project yourself into your project and visualize the layout you have created in collaboration with our architect.


Finalization of the quote:

After exchanges and discussions with your architect, a detailed and precise estimate will be presented to you. This quote will take into account any changes that have taken place during your exchanges.


Definitive measurement at home:

Our technical and operational manager will go to your home to take all necessary measurements and locate the premises for the smooth running of manufacturing in our workshops and subsequent installation. Every technical detail of the part to be fitted out will be taken into account and mentioned in your file. During this same appointment, our manager will communicate all the technical and operational details for a facility in the best conditions.


Manufacturing in our workshops:

The final technical plans are sent to our workshops and will be taken care of by professional carpenters (artisans). Your project then enters the production phase.
All the materials we use are noble, carefully selected, natural and environmentally friendly. Each piece of furniture is handcrafted in our own workshops.
Your project will be put in the hands of passionate carpenters and craftsmen who will work together and combine the raw materials so that they fit your interior perfectly.
Our craftsmen also use modern technologies to ensure the quality and longevity of our furniture.



The furniture is delivered to your home on the date previously agreed with our operational manager. Our professional unders and both are installing and assembling each piece of furniture with ingenuity to bring your project to life.
Finishes in every detail will be made to give the final touch to your interior design.
Our teams of qualified installers work in Belgium but also throughout Europe.

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