Custom-made dressing rooms combining elegance and refinement

Design your custom dressing room
with Wood Fashion

Much more than a simple storage space, the dressing room is now a must that is both functional and aesthetic. For men or women, illuminated or not, with or without doors, with specific facilities for your accessories, a dressing room studied and adapted to its content can change your daily experience and transform the routine into small moments of joy and satisfaction constantly renewed.

Our tailor-made dressing rooms optimize your spaces and adapt to them taking into account your lifestyle, your needs, your personal belongings and your desires. They are designed to fit perfectly into your interior by ensuring a good balance between elegance and comfort

The design of your dressing room requires technical know-how and quality accessories but also meticulous attention to the smallest detail.

At Wood Fashion, you can create the wardrobe that suits you by choosing each material and accessory from a wide selection, providing each space and each arrangement to your personal belongings.