Who are we?

At the beginning of the last century, a small family-owned steel furniture factory, C. Lechat Enterprises, gained such a reputation for quality that it became the official supplier of the U.S. Army and Sabena.

A century later, Laurent Lechat reconnects with the tradition of excellence of his ancestors around an equally timeless material: wood.

From his great-grandfather, who wrote this beautiful page of Belgian industrial history, he inherited the taste of custom furniture, perfectly suited to the use for which it is intended, as well as the desire to satisfy his customers with an exclusive product with neat finishes.

In the Lechat family, creativity and a spirit of service rub shoulders with values such as flexibility and adaptivity, just like the materials that are fashioned according to the desires and needs of the customer.

But far from confining itself to any heredity, it is also and above all passion and curiosity that led to the creation of Wood Fashion.

In a previous life, in the 1990s, Laurent Lechat owned a flea market shop in the picturesque Marolles district of Brussels. The chance of encounters leads him to take an interest in « cottage » style kitchens whose warm, simple and authentic spirit pleases him. Gradually, this chinese enthusiast in love with old objects begins to assemble salvage furniture for his clients.

The success is immediate, and the result pleases his customers so much that he soon encounters this realization: there is not enough furniture on the market to meet the demands made to him.

Never mind, he embarks on the adventure of custom manufacturing, and opens a workshop in the « brocante » spirit that is dear to his heart. Gradually, the cottage style that seduces so many rubs shoulders with more refined and contemporary styles. This continuous concern for diversification and modernization allows it to satisfy precise and varied demands, such as this kitchen designed and arranged one day in the turret of a castle!

In 2001, the burgeoning company moved to Waterloo. Meanwhile, kitchens have led to other furniture elements, while wood rubs shoulders with stone, another noble and natural material that gives our interiors an elegant and timeless character.

Equipe Wood Fashion
Laurent Lechat