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A vocation, the charm of tailor-made wood.
A passion, quality in detail !

Meet Laurent Lechat
| Interview by Ariane Dufourny |

The Wood Fashion concept...

Since 2000, we have been known for our kitchens and mainly for our « cottage » style. Nevertheless, we make more contemporary kitchens. Everything is tailor-made, mainly in wood and other noble materials respecting the environment. We optimize the available space by creating a functional concept and a timeless aesthetic line.

For household appliances, we collaborate with Siemens, Bosch and other prestigious brands. The Lacanche brand is also represented here for its range of cooking pianos that fits very well with the spirit of our kitchens.

The realization of the stone worktops is entrusted to a marble maker who also offers a personalized execution of high quality.

In addition, we manufacture dressing rooms, bookcases, bathrooms, office fittings, shops, stands. Everything related to « furniture » carpentry.

Your must...

Our kitchens respect ancient traditions and are designed with noble and natural materials such as solid pine wood, oak, blue stone and marble.

The realization of a project...

Customers come to us, usually with a sketch or plan of the space to be arranged. Either they have technical imperatives, or they have particular desires or they have no idea. Our interior designers study style, geometry, color palettes both in an artistic and practical spirit. Our achievements are first imagined freehand, then presented in a 3D view by setting a budget. The project is handled by a single interlocutor guaranteeing a careful execution from the first study interview to the finish.

Once the project is valid, we start manufacturing in our workshops and it takes eight weeks for placement. Then, our teams of installers go to the customer’s home with all the furniture to be assembled. Assembly and adjustment finishes are carried out on site.

Your claw...

We create elegant and warm living spaces. Passionate about wood craftsmanship and invisible details, our furniture is made by the piece, absolutely not machined. Each piece of furniture is made by a carpenter, which makes it unique!


Chaussée de Bruxelles, 396 – 1410 Waterloo
Chaussée de Bruxelles, 410B (car park and second entrance)
T. : 02 387 31 02
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Chaussée de Waterloo – 1180 Uccle (Fort Jaco)
T. : 02 374 39 11

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