Juliette & VictorWood Fashion, creation of custom furniture

For more than 20 years, the Belgian company Wood Fashion has been seducing fans of custom furniture. The furniture manufactured in their workshops reflects a style and image of quality, faithful to the projects of their customers down to the smallest detail.

At Wood Fashion, each piece of furniture is drawn within the design office, starting from a simple blank page, in the company of interior designers who listen and advise the client before sketching his vision in a few strokes of pencils. A close collaboration is then established between the client and the architect in order to optimize the realization of his personal project. Here, no standard size or predefined model, each classic, cottage, timeless or contemporary furniture will become a unique piece.

It is in the workshops that the concept takes shape, fruit of the know-how of several specialized craftsmen who will succeed each other from the conception to the final assembly.

On site, at the customer’s site, a team of carpenters trained by Wood Fashion will bring the project to life by guaranteeing high-end finishes. Specialists who travel in Belgium as in all Europe, success obliges!

Question price, one could believe that the tailor-made signed Wood Fashion is in excess. This is not the case. Prices are calculated as accurately as possible according to the projects, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, while remaining faithful to the nobility of natural materials and timeless elegance that make the reputation of Wood Fashion.

To convince you, simply contact Wood Fashion and arrange an appointment, without any commitment on your part.

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