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Posted by Charlotte on 11/09/2018

Wood Fashion, a Belgian quality

The wood in all her dresses

Kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, library ...

Wood, noble as it is, is a benevolent, mysterious and living material. Peaceful but stirring, it is felt by all the senses. Raw and sensitive, she respects with harmony the soul of each piece. It blends with the sweet atmospheres and absorbs with drunkenness the atmospheres. Authentic and timeless, it sculpts, smoothes and chisels, and does not fail to remind the time to give it its charm. It is a real comfort to welcome the warm soul of the forest at home.

Wood Fashion is a Belgian bespoke furniture company that has been working exclusively with quality materials, including wood, for 20 years. In other words: a seller of comfort and style for people who want to go on an adventure in their architecture. The company strives with finesse and skill to design aesthetic, functional and durable furniture, considering all tastes and temperaments. Craftsmen and interior designers combine their know-how with the work of raw materials and furnishings, to offer the best bespoke service possible, in a modern spirit, design and cozy.

Wood Fashion plays with the spaces, which it has natural and high-end textures, such as noble woods or blue stone, available in every room of a house. The sketches are clean, sober and elegant until the finishes, where detail seems to be a passion.

Article Source: https://avenue-montaigne.be/wood-fashion-une-qualite-belge/


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